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When you click the orange “JOIN US” button at the top of the page, you will be given two options… to either join as a ‘distributor‘ or a ‘preferred customer‘… the choices are fairly self-explanatory, so take your pick… and… welcome… great to have you onboard!

For the rest of you, this page will further explain some key benefits of the Protandim product… whilst defining some potentials of why it may be a welcome addition to your health and wellness regime… and even present the attached LifeVantage home-business opportunity (if you choose to participate as a distributor as opposed to a preferred customer). First, let us discover the magic of this pro-oxidant supplement:

Put simply, Protandim is an anti-aging breakthrough. The product has been developed after 40 years of research exclusively for LifeVantage. Protandim has been featured on ABC, NBC, PBS, The Wall Street Journal… and even described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book “Chasing Life“. Protandim reverses cell aging in your genes, and this video explains just how… and why you should take notice!

So there you have it… a simple and effective natural supplement… with registered patents backing Protandim’s efficacy to reduce the effects of oxidative stress as we age… but wait… there’s more… LifeVantage (the creators and manufacturers of Protandim) are also focused on helping people reach their monetary goals through a proven business opportunity.

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As you have witnessed, health may very well be the greatest wealth… and with the LifeVantage business opportunity of being not only able to consume, but also distribute the touted life-changing pro-oxidant supplement of Protandim… it’s also evident that it pays to be healthy in a very real monetary way. So how exactly is all this possible?

Without the message becoming diluted with me trying to explain this network/multi-level marketing’s compensation plan, the video directly below is of LifeVantage Vice President Ryan Thompson explaining all 7 ways to get paid. The explanation is clear and succinct covering everything (all your earning potentials) with great detail, allowing you to make a fully informed decision of whether this is the right opportunity for you… if you’ve already made up your mind and would simply like to become a distributor, then CLICK HERE.

So there you have it, a viable product with a viable business opportunity… as explained, it is best to join as a ‘Platinum Member‘ to maximise your earning potential for the short and long term… although the choice is always yours, proceed as you feel comfortable.


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