Masa Flour iHerb

Masa Flour iHerb

If you are looking for Masa Flour iHerb, then you have definitely come to the right place! Masa Flour is actually referred to ‘Masa Harina’ and at the time of writing there are two types of Masa Flour available on the iHerb Online Store:

1) Bob’s Red Mill, Masa Harina, Golden Corn Flour
2) Bob’s Red Mill, Masa Harina Golden Corn Flour, Gluten Free

As you can clearly see, one is the traditional Masa Flour, and the other is Gluten free. ‘Masa Harina’ is actually ‘dough flour’ because the flour is made from dried masa, a dough from specially treated corn. Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina (Golden Corn Flour), whether the traditional or gluten free recipe… is used to make authentic Mexican tortillas.

Corn Tortillas Recipe

2 cups Masa Harina Corn Flour
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 1/2 – 2 cups hot water

Mix the salt into the masa harina corn flour. Slowly pour the water into the dough to get a good consistency. The dough should be firm and springy when touched, not dry or sticky.

Let the dough rest for an hour, covered.

Preheat a griddle or flat surface.

Divide the dough into 2 inch balls. Press dough between two pieces of wax paper, or flatten according to a tortilla press directions.

Place flatten dough on a hot griddle or flat surface and cook until the top of the tortilla starts to look cooked, about 1 minute. Flip to the other side and heat for a few seconds.

So to make this great meal you need to get your hands on some masa flour iherb and then cook up a storm in your kitchen. When on the iHerb online store, be sure to read some of the rave reviews that this product is getting for being all natural and having NON-GMO ingredients, and etc…

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