iHerb Australia

The iHerb online store is an international business shipping it’s products globally, if you are from Oceania such as myself… then you’re most likely looking for iHerb Australia so that you too may take advantage of the great benefits and savings of being and becoming a loyal and happy customer of iHerb. In the following article I will discuss the iHerb Australia Shipping option, as well as how the iHerb Coupon Code Australia works… enjoy!

First and foremost, the iHerb Coupon Code works just as well for iHerb Australia as it does for iHerb America or elsewhere… meaning that the savings you will receive from your purchase are valid no matter where in the world you are. This means that you could be living outback Australia in whoop whoop with no access to a local health food store, and still order the natural health products that you desire with your very own iHerb Australia Coupon: SIK010

OK… so now that has been clarified and explained, let’s talk about then iHerb Australia Shipping Options. There are two main options for having your products shipped to Australia, with the first option being ‘Air Mail’ and the second option being ‘DHL’.

If you are to choose the ‘Air Mail’ option then the shipment usually takes a while to be delivered and this may be anywhere up to a month. When I initially started ordering from iHerb this was the only valid option for Aussies as all the other options where far too expensive and the benefits of savings made on products where diminished with shipping costs… this is not the case anymore with ‘Air Mail’ being the cheapest option, although it does take a while for your goods to be delivered.

If you are to choose the ‘DHL’ option then you may pay from $4 and up (at the timne of writing) for your goods to be fast-tracked in about three days to your home or workplace… all orders are tracked for your convenience so that you know for sure that your items have been delivered, and if not you may quickly and easily track them down!

So there you have it… there are many options and benefits for shopping with IHERB AUSTRALIA, with Aussies getting all the same benefits of getting the savings associated with the iherb coupon, as well as some really enticing shipping options. I personally use the ‘DHL’ shipping option as it is super fast and super cheap, making the overall iHerb Shopping Experience the best value on all facets… happy shopping.