I Stopped Eating Mi Goreng

Whether you are a student, backpacker, or budget friendly eater… you’ve probably come across a variety of two minute noodle dishes to satisfy any hunger pangs you may have had along the way… and sooner or later you would of discovered the irresistible Mi Goreng taste.

I’ve been more than happy to devour this quick fix dish for what seems like aeons now, although the time has come to lay down the spoon and resist any such temptations. Why?

Well… other than the desire to eat a mainly raw fruit and vegetable diet for optimum health and wellness, it has come to my unfortunate attention that the use of palm oil is prevalent in manufacturing my favourite Mi Goreng brand of noodles. And that really is a shame!

At first glance it may seem like no big deal, although once you learn that by consuming products that use palm oil as a part of their ingredients… you are actually supporting mass deforestation, it becomes evident that continuing to consume such foods may not be the wisest choice one may make… and as such I have stopped eating Mi Goreng:

The decision hasn’t only been for the sake of Strawberry (our friendly Rainforest Action Network brand ambassador)… but believe it or not us humans too 🙂

Oxygen seems to be an integral part of our species survival here on Earth, and trees seem to do a pretty good job at turning carbon dioxide (which is essentially air pollution that we produce through our everyday activities) into oxygen (that life force that we so ever crave and are most certainly addicted to).

As such I feel that it would be desirable for us to have a surplus of trees filtering the air we breathe, as opposed to a deficit… although I could be wrong, either way this is the decision that I have gravitated to because I believe trees to be our friends.