Who Owns The Earth?

As we find ourselves traversing the Earth as living organisms floating around in the vast nothingness of space on this pale blue dot which just happens to be another even larger living organism (much larger than us albeit, and very probably a very small part to another even larger living organism)… have we ever stopped to ponder just who or what or if anyone or anything actually owns this land, air, sea, and etheric mass we call Home?

From watching this video… and from witnessing life and nature itself, it becomes evident that we are living and residing in our very own Garden of Eden… yet for some reason we have forgotten this and have decided to plunder and pillage any and all remaining artefacts of beauty that have been left untouched by those that have come before us… can we keep doing this for much longer or will Gaia, our Mother Earth simply flick the switch and have us (as a whole human race and populace) permanently evacuated?

I guess it’s up to us to co-create the future as we please… but that’s just my humble guess 🙂 I feel we most probably “owe” the Earth for providing us food and shelter, as opposed to declaring such a notion that we “own” the earth…

When exploring such topics it is easy to look from a negative point of view and see the doom and gloom that our mainstream and alternative media streams have always loved to exploit through fear mongering, but personally I like to see the big picture as an image of bliss where sunshine and rainbows are a plenty… where humans live in harmony with one another and all that reside within this realm of reality, as well as any other… a utopia that we may truly call Heaven on Earth!