Phoenix Regenetics DNA Activation

Whether you find yourself on a spiritual journey, or an a quest for optimum health, or both… sooner or later you are bound to stumble across the ‘DNA activation‘ phenomenon spreading like wildfire throughout plan-et Earth.

In my humble opinion, if I am to upgrade my being to experience healing and growth on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level… then I’d like that process to be a perpetual and permanent spiral of empowerment, and I have found ‘Potentiate Your DNA‘ to be exactly what the doctor ordered 🙂

Potentiate Your DNA

Sol Luckman, best-selling author and conscious healing extraordinaire explains: “All healing is self-healing!” Once we acknowledge this fact, we may start to shape our reality in resonance with our Highest Potential by working with pure intent, to experience profound healing and transformation on many levels.

The journey begins with your first activation (Potentiation) in a session that lasts for no longer than half an hour. You may go through the motions yourself, with the necessary theory and practical step-by-step instructions to be found within the pages of ‘Potentiate Your DNA’… or you may requisite a certified practitioner, who will either locally or at-a-distance perform the activation on your behalf.

Via DNA activation, you are empowering yourself to promote conscious self-healing and personal evolution… the process of activating the embodiment and expression of your highest potential, aligned to your true & authentic self! The following video presentation explains how and why this works:

From the information presented above, and from the direct and profound results people are experiencing through DNA activation… it is clearly evident that this energy (sound-light) based modality of healing is pioneering an unprecedented, and new era of medicine set to pave a new paradigm of ideal health and wellness. For further study, you are invited to explore the research as presented in Conscious Healing, Potentiate Your DNA, and The Grand Illusion.

The initial DNA activation session as part of the ‘Regenetics Method‘, and as we are discussing here is better known as ‘Potentiation’… this electromagnetic re-patterning shamanic-style of healing targets the physical subtle body, and the effects will be unique to your person based on your electromagnetic schematic. Some people experience subtle yet profound positive effects, whilst others will experience a detox and re-calibration like none other… how your journey unfolds is bound to be highly individualised, especially since setting pure and empowering intent is key to this process of self-actualised self-healing and self-mastery.

If you choose to permanently activate your DNA with just the single Potentiation session, then the whole process of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual detox (and re-calibration) will encompass the human gestation period of 9 months, with your fragmented body being sealed at 5 months… the transition point of where the detox of your energy centres has been completed, & re-calibration begins.

For those inclined, there are three more DNA activations that you may partake in that build on your initial session, and really super-charge the process of your self-evolution… with the mental subtle body being further enhanced through ‘Articulation‘ which also further seals and heals your fragmented body… the emotional subtle body being further enhanced by activating the prefrontal cortex through ‘Elucidation‘… and last but not least the spiritual subtle body being enhanced and supercharging the whole blueprint through ‘Transcension‘.

May you activate your DNA for the betterment of Self and Hu-manity 😀