Raw Foods & Kundalini

The following article is with great thanks to Aromansse (Yoga/Meditation/Healing).

The Kundalini/Raw Foods connection is based on Prana, the natural Life Force substance we need to perfect our beings during our life on Earth.

To live, we extract Prana from our environment. The Chinese word for Prana is Chi; the closest English equivalent for this substance is Life Force Energy. If we don’t get enough Prana, our bodies begin to degenerate prematurely. Very simply, to reach our potential, our bodies need to ingest only the purest elements — pure food, pure water, pure air.

Prana exists in all living elements. Due to social conditioning, however, most people know very little about Prana, Chi, or Life Force Energy, and still less about how to extract it from the environment.

Does Prana really exist, you may wonder?

Perhaps, you aren’t aware that people who were weighed just before dying actually lose about six ounces when weighed again the moment after they die. What accounts for this weight loss? Researchers believe it reflects the loss of our vital Life Force Energy that leaves the body at the instant of death.

And, as Einstein proved, Energy, whether it’s derived from a light socket or a nuclear reactor, is Matter, and matter is measurable. Our “vibrational essence,” our Prana is measurable. In effect, human beings are energy intensive mechanisms; we extract it, we store it, and we use it up. The object is not to squander it uselessly.

So how do we extract Prana from our surroundings in its purest form?

Raw Foods contain Prana. So eating Raw Foods is a great way to obtain substantial quantities of it. Why Raw Foods & Raw Supplements?

Raw Foods contain living enzymes and are highly alkaline in content and nature. If, like many in modern life, you can’t be 100% raw, you can still consume a mostly alkaline diet. Why doctors don’t test for pH levels at the same time the nurse takes your temperature and blood pressure is beyond me… It’s the easiest way of determining chemical imbalance, and maintaining overall health.

Acid foods lead to a stressful lifestyle; alkaline foods are full of Pranic energy that fights stress. Even more Prana exists in pure air. The problem is we lack the correct breathing techniques for extracting it.

But even the most powerful mechanisms are vulnerable from within. Yes, you can be well on your way to activating Kundalini, and yet, for lack of proper diet, fall short. Why? Quite simply, you may be slowly poisoning yourself with the wrong foods.

It happened to me. Even after I’d activated my Kundalini, I began to have trouble with digestion as I grew older. I wondered why? Why was I constipated? Why did I need supplements and colonics? One day I heard about Raw Foods and instinctively knew it was the answer.

Even when I can’t eat 100% raw, I’m always alkaline-conscious, making sure I keep a high alkaline pH. When I started eating Raw, it kicked my Kundalini into high gear. I felt light on my feet once again. Raw Foods and Kundalini — perfect partners for distilling Prana!