Chlorophyll Health Benefits

The benefits of chlorophyll are not only limited to plants. Chlorophyll offers a multitude of
benefits to humans too. It is important to know that chlorophyll and human blood are similar in structures and composition, except for its central metal (chlorophyll has magnesium while human blood has iron).

Some of its health benefits include the following:

– antioxidant properties to fight free radicals
– ridding out toxins that are taken in due to pollution
– stimulates the production of red blood cells
– helps in good blood circulation
– anti-carcinogenic properties (such as anti-cancer)
– helps in wound healing
– a good deodorizer for bad breath or body odour

Chlorophyll Sources: Where is Chlorophyll Found?

Leafy vegetables are the main foods that are rich in chlorophyll content. The amount of chlorophyll found in each vegetable varies. In spinach, for example, chlorophyll is present by as high as 1% based on dry weight estimation. Fruits do not have significant amounts as compared to vegetable sources. Teas, most especially green tea, are good sources of chlorophyll as well. However, the amounts of chlorophyll that you intake is not as high as when they are taken as chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll supplements now flood the market with different brands and dosages. They
come in the form of chlorophyll extract (or chlorophyll herb extract), chlorophyll capsules, chlorophyll tablets or chlorophyll powder. All these forms differ only in the manner by which they were produced, but they are all one and the same. Their doses vary as well.

Who Should Take Chlorophyll Supplements?

Taking chlorophyll supplements will allow you to experience the different health benefits
of chlorophyll that were mentioned above. Chlorophyll is strongly recommended for anemic and border-line anemic patients. It is also useful for people who have bone diseases and arthritis, and as an alternative for antibacterial medications.

Chlorophyll supplements are also beneficial for smokers, for those who eat unhealthy food and for those exposed to pollution – all for toxin eradication purposes. They are widely-used as well as a measure for eliminating body odors and bad breath.

What to Expect with Chlorophyll Supplements

As it is a natural chemical, it is not toxic; it is safe and soothing to the body. It is also safe to take for people of all ages. It is not a medication, but a food supplement in its
own. Taking chlorophyll supplements is much like eating tons of green leafy vegetable and enjoying a healthy, new you.

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