Adrenal Glands & Energy

These two small glands are on top of each kidney and likely one of the tissue you will get familiar with the most. The condition of your adrenal glands directly influences the energy you have. The reason we are eating the way we do has a lot to do with weak adrenal glands in order to stimulate them to be able to maintain our lifestyle. If you stop eating meat, coffee, concentrated foods and all other stimulants you will likely crash and experience the level your adrenal glands truly are…

These small tissues have a tremendous impact on how you feel as well as in maintaining your body’s health. Proper levels of neurotransmitters, steroids and so forth are essential thus have priority in your body’s management. What happens when you leave your adrenal glands the way they are, and if they are weak, is that you will start to get different signals on how to stimulate them in order for your body to maintain proper levels of adrenal function. This includes cravings for meat, coffee, salt, lots of food, stimulation by high activity and so forth which also is accompanied by fatigue and low nerve energy. This is not because you are not eating enough food unless you want to describe one of the methods we use to stimulate them, but directly due to weak adrenal glands.

We should not have to consume any food nor have to stimulate our tissue through activity and any other means to be able to remain proper chemical levels of hormones, steroids, transmitters and everything else if the body is healthy and strong which seems to be the universal concern. I would say that nobody has strong adrenal glands these days unless one has restored their function, the question is how weak/chronic they are.

Most of us have chronic adrenal glands and will greatly benefit by addressing this issue at the roots. From the herbal perspective, this means that one uses tissue-specific herbs to address these glands thus increase momentarily functional ability as well as strengthen them over time. These herbs are not simply another form of stimulation but actually do increase the strength of the glands as well as don’t leave one with a negative after effect. One well-known example of adrenal herbs is ginseng.

Using the correct support for these two glands does make all the difference in one’s journey and is often for many one of the most critical aspects to consider. Many can’t move away from stimulating foods as they would simply crash energy wise as well as start to harm their body due to steroids and neurotransmitters being essential for, For example, proper mineral utilization as well as nervous system maintenance.

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