Fruitarian Diet Healing Testimonial

I have been an Ehret devotee for the past twenty-five years and I shall remain so until the end of my days. My greatest desire is to share with others the wonderful results I have gained, both in physical and mental health.

The experiences outlined in the following article, MY ROAD TO HEALTH, are of course all true. Were I to continue re-writing these experiences for the next ten years, the wording and phrasing might be improved, but the truth must always remain the same. I shall always consider my experience with the Ehret diet the greatest accomplishment of my entire life!

When I think of the benefits that could accrue to the human race were we to renounce the foods of present day civilisation and return to a diet of natural, unadultered foods such as taught by Professor Ehret, my heart becomes heavy and I find it almost more than I can bear. The problem, therefore is how to convince others of these truths. I can only hope that I have been the means of pointing the way even in some small degree.

It is the average person that I am anxious to reach so that they may be led, ever so gently, on the right path in matters of diet. I consider the Mucusless Diet Healing System so great a benefaction to mankind, that I feel it should have all the publicity possible, not for monetary gain, but for more noble and humanitarian reasons, and the love of our fellow man.

Health is within everyone’s grasp… all we need do is reach for it. Perhaps it will be difficult in the beginning; it may even take considerably longer than we would like, but in the end, our efforts will surely be crowned with the energy that radiates from a healthy body and which ultimately brings success and happiness.

It all started many years ago in the war torn country of Hungary. The many privations, frustrating experiences and abuses our family had been subjected to during the troubled times of the first World War had, undoubtedly, served to develop an intense desire on my part to overcome the conditions into which I, together with others of my class, had been tossed. When World War One finally ended, mother and myself were most fortunate in being presented with an opportunity to immigrate to this greatest of all countries, the United States of America. We gratefully embraced the chance and left for the land of our dreams just as fast as it was legally possible for us to do. America proved to be unbelievably wonderful… far beyond my most imaginative dreams.

Adjusting ourselves to American ways of living, but more especially adapting ourselves to American eating habits, was not particularly easy. The change from the meagre rations of our wartime diet to the abundance of the American diet soon proved my physical undoing. During the war period our diet in Hungary was practically meatless and sugarless. Now in America I could have as much meat, pastries, sugar and dairy products that I wanted… without any restrictions on quantities. This was America, the land of plenty… truly a land of milk and honey. I soon found my health declining. Continued illness led to the consultations which doctors who informed me that, possibly the drastic change in food could be responsible.

Fortunately for me, through the help of new found friends, I learned of the wonderful free public libraries where many books on diet could be found. I avidly read most of them for they interested me greatly, particularly those dealing with vegetarian diets. Gradually, I began to apply many of the diet suggestions to my own eating habits. The results proved extremely gratifying, for unwittingly I had returned to my previous vegetarian diet.

The first proof of good results was when I found that I no longer needed reading glasses, after having worn them for the previous three years. I joined a Hiking Club and learned to enjoy the great outdoors, climbing mountains and spending the day close to Nature’s secrets. Our hike leader taught us common sense breathing exercises, during the frequent but short rest periods while we were on our hikes. At last I felt that I had discovered the right way for me to live. Surely, now I would be most happy to live this way for the remainder of my life.

And then, most fortunately for me, I learned about a book called the Mucusless Diet Healing System, written by Professor Arnold Ehret. I still treasure my copy of this marvellous book, whose dog-eared pages I still read and re-read (even after 27 years) and continue to find wonderful. This book was the real stepping stone to my Shangri-La of Health. This Shangri-La was not a place cloistered by tall mountains, reached only after a gruelling effort and hardship by only a few determined and courageous souls. No, on the contrary, my Shangri-La is readily accessible to everyone wanting to enter through its doors.

I soon learned that all I had heretofore read about health and diet was only partly right. Now with my new knowledge, plus courage, faith and backbone, perfect health was actually within my grasp and could be achieved through the understandable teachings contained in this remarkable book. Almost immediately I felt the author’s sincerity and accepted every word of his teachings. Instinctively I knew that this time I was on the right track. After many months of following the ‘Transition Diet’ as taught by Ehret, the cleansing I achieved startled me. Yes, the effectiveness of the diet was unquestionable. A miracle in healing had taken place right under my very eyes.

For instance, a goitre which had already become annoyingly obvious on my neck, completely disappeared! I could not believe it possible to feel any better than I now felt. Various minor symptoms, almost too numerous to mention, likewise disappeared.

Two years had passed since I first began the transition diet and by now I truly relished all of the foods that were allowed me. I earnestly followed the exercises given in the book as well as developing some of my own. A fine breathing exercise, which I discovered, helped me overcome the weakness that often accompanies a drastic diet change.

The time was now approaching when the final great step for complete healing, as taught by Professor Ehret, should be taken. The decision was not easy. I began questioning myself, ‘Do I dare take it?’ ‘Why go further since I really feel fine now.’ ‘I must be physically all right for it has been a long time since I have had even a simple cold’ As I kept arguing with myself, strange thoughts as well as doubts came into my mind. ‘Suppose the author was wrong… it is barely possible that he might be mistaken in his conclusions.’ While Ehret taught man’s food is fruits and green leaf vegetables, how could anyone possibly exist on such a monotonous diet? ‘Is my will-power strong enough?’

I began to discuss Professor Ehret’s teachings with others who, like myself, were interested in regaining health through diet. Some had made an attempt but not one among them went all the way through with the diet. ‘It takes too much will-power’, I was told by some, while others said ‘You’ll dry up’ or ‘Your bones will become brittle through lack of calcium’ or ‘Modern civilisation makes it impossible.’ Others, apparently more kindly admonished ‘Why do it… is it not enough that you are healthy now?’ ‘You will be all alone in your belief… no one will understand you.’

How I longed to take my problems directly to Professor Ehret, but at the very pinnacle of success he had, unfortunately met with a fatal accident. After a long and careful review of the ‘pros and cons’ I came to the decision that my life was my own and I would do with it as I saw fit. I seemed to realise that until I had thoroughly tried Ehret’s teachings I could know no real feeling of success. All fear left as soon as my decision was made and I decided to confide in no one. My goal was to ‘taste of Paradise’ as Ehret had promised.

This experimenting with restricted diets had now been going on for a period of years, and ironically enough, during the entire period, the only jobs available to me were in restaurants… either cashier, food checker or waitress.

My decision made, I started out early one morning with determination in my heart. I halfway expected everything and everyone to be different… but upon my arrival at work everyone and everything was the same as always… the tantalising smells of frying bacon and ‘ham and eggs’, the urn full of steaming coffee and the trays heavily laden with food. The few early morning, sleepy-eyed women, the men patrons in grimy coats and their work-stained overalls… all were same as before. As a matter of fact, only one thing was actually different… and that was my mental attitude which no one seemed to notice… not immediately, nor for a while at least, that is to say.

It was no easy matter to live up to this decision of remaining on a strict fruit diet until complete healing of my body was accomplished. Over and over again, I had to remind myself of the blessings I had hoped to gain and only by holding a mental picture of success in front of me, more times than I care to admit, the first week finally passed. I daresay, this first week was the hardest part of the entire venture. Having no precedent to go by as to the right amount of fruit that I should eat at one meal, I did a little experimenting. Fortunately, watermelons were in season and I soon found them to be more filling that most other fruits. Co-workers and friends began to notice the monotony of my meals, and I found it difficult to keep my secret. Finally, I decided to confide in the manager and he understandably told others about it. From then on I was a ‘freak’ among the employees but, fortunately it did not bother me too much.

My previous years on vegetarian diets proved advantageous, having conditioned me, more or less, for an exclusive frutarian diet, yet it is true, I lost considerable weight. The vegetarian diet had accomplished a lot of good results in the elimination of toxic encumbrances and waste matter and the toxin-producing meat and dairy products had no part in my diet for the past number of years. However, frequent expectoration continued for a long time while on the fruit regime, and I also noticed considerable elimination of stringy mucus accompanying my stool… yet there were many indications of general improvement in my health which gave me increased determination to go on with my experiment.

The skin on my face which had seemed to sag after the first ten days or two weeks became firm and smooth again after a period of a month’s time. My eyes became clear and bright and a new feeling of exhilaration came over me. This was something I had seldom experienced, if at all. I decided I must be making progress.

The grape season was now on hand and I found all varieties of grapes to be satisfying food. While Muscat grapes seemed to be the oat pleasing and satisfying to me, I enjoyed any kind of grapes. I soon discovered that it required only about an hour for fruits to digest and I therefore ate whenever I would feel the gnawing pangs of hunger. But, and this is extremely important, I learned that even fruits have a harmful reaction if one overeats of them! Nature has a very subtle way of letting us know when we have eaten enough.

This new habit of eating whenever I felt hunger pangs proved difficult to manage during working hours. When I thought that not one was looking I would sneak a bite from an apple or other fruit which I had hidden near the cash register. The manager soon put an end to this surreptitious eating but he kindly suggested that I help myself to whatever fruit might be in the refrigerator. Needless to say, this made life much easier. What was most amazing to me was that I had not become weakened through this strict fruit diet. While I had been forewarned that I might even become bed-fast for a time, the ‘weakness’ I had been led to expect failed to materialise. I did not miss one single day from my work.

I love to sing and on frequent occasions I have been told that I have a fairly good voice so during the previous two years I had been taking vocal lessons. After three months on this rigid diet my teacher remarked about a decided change that was talking place in the quality of my voice as well as decided hanged in my general appearance and personality. It seemed that I had more breath and better control, and that my voice had resonance… in fact, had become much clearer. I was thrilled with this progress but still hesitated about revealing my diet to my teacher for I enjoyed the moral strength that keeping this secret seemed to give me.

Even after six months of my exclusive fruit diet, I still had not reached the point where, according to Professor Ehret’s teachings, all obstacles would be swept aside. Living in a rooming house, completely alone, with Mother, my only living relative in this country, thousands of miles away (she had remained in Ohio when I came to California), I was finding it a difficult fight. Mother and I corresponded regularly, yet I never revealed my diet to her for fear of being discouraged by her. Encouragement was what I most needed at this point of the experiment. Loneliness was probably the most difficult of all obstacles I had to battle. I tried to keep my mind occupied through reading and planning the things I would like to do after reaching my goal with the diet. Despite the many friends I made with almost everyone with whom I came in contact, that strange loneliness still persisted. With the arrival of Fall came apple time. I fondly recall the delicious Jonathan apples which helped to vary my diet. A large sized Jonathan made a complete meal in itself.

By this time I had been living on the fruitarian diet for about nine months and many encouraging and wonderful things had taken place. For at least the past two months I had felt like a new born babe. How I wanted to shout this message from the house tops. ‘This must be the way God intended man to live. Why won’t people accept these teachings… or at least try for themselves, so that they might enjoy the truth.’ In my enthusiasm I dreamed of having a whole colony of people living this Paradisiacal life. To my young mind this was the answer to all of the ills of humanity and loneliness as well.

My skin texture became like that of a baby. The natural red of my lips no longer made the use of lipstick necessary. My eyes were clear and bright at all times. In fact, my entire being was gradually taking on a complete change. Yes, even my disposition changed for the better and a natural display of quick temper had given way to a quiet philosophical attitude toward all people and their daily problems. Fears, with which I was formerly plagued, were gradually disappearing. My thinking had changed completely. People constantly remarking about the natural and spontaneous smile that lighted my face. There was no effort needed to reduce it. This wonderful feeling of exhilaration became part of my life. It was my first conscious thought upon awakening every morning.

Then the first great event happened. One night, after a supper of grapes, I was awakened by a sensation of fullness in my throat. I had no particular feeling of nausea or pain, but upon reaching the bathroom I threw up large quantities of a sticky, clear substance. After this ordeal was over I felt a new sense of wellbeing come over me. New strength and power seemed to fill my whole being. I thought, this must be the great final cleansing that Professor Ehret taught us to expect. However, it was only a forerunner of two more similar experiences before the long expected day arrived.

During this period of cleansing and elimination many interesting things took place… in fact, too many to enumerate here. One of the most outstanding facts, I think, was the complete absence of fatigue. My work required that I remain constantly on my feet for eight hours, and yet after a full day’s work I felt just as fresh as though I had not worked at all. The only way I knew that rest was required by my body was a feeling of drowsiness. Upon arriving home I usually took a short nap, after which I was ready for my vocal studies at the studio. My rest at night was complete and undisturbed, for I seldom dreamed. Upon awakening there was that indescribable clear-headedness which must be experienced in order to be understood and appreciated. No stimulants, such as coffee or tea, were needed to get me in good humour for the days work. Thinking was becoming increasingly easier and I was actually becoming witty. In fact, I had never been aware of this gift in my adopted English language. I felt proud of my ability to give back a quick answer, as well as a ready come-back to ‘small’ talk. My powers of concentration had become more acute. In fact, neither noises or confusion could distract my thinking. My shyness and reticence were being replaced by poise.

Many daily temptations had to be overcome, such as when an urgent desire for foods that I knew to be harmful presented itself, I learned through repetition that the sooner I told myself NO the easier it became to say NO the next time. A realisation soon came to me that keeping my mind occupied with other things, instead of permitting thoughts of food to form, helped increase my willpower.

My residence was close to the restaurant so that I could walk to and from work. There was one exceptionally steep hill to climb which would invariably cause me to puff and pant. One afternoon on my way home I felt inspired to create a poem. As the sentences took form I became deeply engrossed in thought when suddenly I noticed I had climbed more than half way up the hill, yet I had felt no exertion whatever. It was as though I had been walking on level ground and I could scarcely believe what was happening. I concluded that I must have been so engrossed in the poem that I forgot about my body.

This, then, was an opportune time to make a test, so I decided to return to the bottom of the hill and walk up again, this time giving no thought to the poem. What I discovered was unbelievable. I felt as though my body had no weight at all. Here I was, ascending this steep incline, which in all probability is at least sixty percent grade, without the slightest feeling of fatigue whatsoever. I am sure that I could have easily run all the way up, and i would have tried it too, except I feared I would cause consternation among the puffing and panting pedestrians. It was difficult for me to restrain myself from stopping my fellow pedestrians and telling them all about it. ‘I must be at the very gates of Shangri La’, I thought to myself, ‘To think that diet could do all this’.

After my enthusiasm calmed down a bit and after considerable thought, I decided to tell certain people whom I believed might understand. While some marvelled at my willpower, others simply refused to believe my story and still others felt that while it might be a good thing for me, it surely would not be the right procedure for them to follow. It was discouraging to have people say, ‘You are young… it is your youth’ ‘Yes’, I answered, ‘I am young. Just how young do you think I am?’ ‘Well, you can’t be more than sixteen’. When I gave them my age as twenty-six they were incredulous.

Within myself I knew all was well and I continued eating my fruit meals. Other seemingly unexplainable experiences followed. My feeling of wellbeing was boundless… I knew I was now completely restored to perfect health… I had arrived at my long hoped for goal. No aches and pains, no physical discomfort of any kind, no headaches, no colds. This might be a good time to mention another of the ‘experiences’ that were occurring to me. My menstrual periods only occurred at six month intervals, and when they did come, I felt no nervous reaction or mental depression and absolutely no pain whatsoever. Their duration was very short.

Words seem inadequate to describe the perfect state of wellbeing I was now privileged to experience. Sound in body, health and mind, I considered myself fortunate indeed. The thrill of being alive was so intense that I felt this great thrill must be shared with others, for to keep it a secret was surely a sin. No doubt about it, I was an entirely different person, living in a private Paradise all my own, wonderful beyond description… calm, serene and the few talents with which God had endowed me, greatly improved.

It was my looks, my general appearance, which most certainly showed the greatest improvement, Despite a loss of twenty-five pounds, I by no means looked ‘skinny’. I was slender in body, yes, but my face was gently rounded and my skin was like that of a baby. I was bubbling over with happiness at all times and a glow of radiance seemed to emanate from me, since people continually remarked about it.

Complete calmness and a feeling of confidence, like the confidence a small child must feel sitting in the lap of his mother, safe from outside harm, invaded me. Perhaps I had better describe it as sitting in the lap of God, with a small inner voice reassuring me that I was at last free from all disease. So long as my blood stream remained clean and pure, and my tissues were no longer clogged with the encumbrances of foreign waste matter, no outside germs could attack and harm my physical body. This was a staggering realisation, to say the least, and I wanted to make the most of it.

In discussing my experiences with others I was not too surprised to learn that they had tried to live on the Ehret diet but failed. Either through lack of faith or lack of willpower, possibly both, they quit too soon. They had missed the great realisation, so important to one’s future life. Those who failed probably brand the Ehret teachings as unsound, but, so far as I am concerned, everything taught by the author in his ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’ is true. I have personally proved that ever statement contained in Professor Ehret’s book is based on a solid foundation of undeniable truth. This then is the kind of health the average person cannot even conceive of, with every organ and cell of the body completely free and able to function as God intended it should, without obstructions of any kind. Probably Professor Ehret was the only man in recent history to achieve this perfect health.

I have proven to my complete satisfaction the human body does not need the scientifically prepared foods and complicated diets that present day civilisation has come to accept as absolutely essential for health. I now know that the human body, after it has been cleansed for all the dross refuse (waste encumbrances that our modern day diet leaves in ever cell and in every drop of the blood stream) can exist on fruits alone and be marvellously healthy. And I have found that even the youngest infant must first go through a diet of cleansing before he can be fed on this ‘diet of paradise’.

Professor Ehret’s mucusless diet truly possesses the potentialities of saving this mixed-up world of ours with a rebirth of spirituality difficult to conceive even in the twentieth century. All of the five sense became keener: clearer vision, brighter colours, sounds, even whispers became distinctly audible, and re-awakened taste buds made flavours tastier and scents more keen. Small wonder I still inwardly weep when I think of the misery, pain, fear, plus all of the there trials and tribulations which make living so difficult. I became heart sick when I watched people carrying trays laden with at least five times as much food as the capacity of their stomach. Their poor, overworked organs lacked sufficient vitality to dispose of this ecess quantity of waste. Small wonder they were continually ‘sick’… small wonder they were always tired and worn out.

Today, after a span of twenty-seven years, my faith in the efficacy of Ehret’s ‘Mucusless Diet Healing System’ is stronger that it ever was during my younger days of experimenting. At the age of fifty-three, I am proudly beginning to admit my age. For years I had fibbed about it, especially to my employers. Now, my neighbours and co-workers look at me with great surprise. I am told that I should never admit to being more than thirty-six or seven, at the most.

My skin (I must admit, at the risk of seeming to brag) still has the unwrinkled smoothness of a much younger woman. My hair is in excellent condition. I have retained a youthful streamlined figure. My voice, which I used a great deal as a soloist, is still young and vibrant. I keep up an extensive vocal repertoire. I still enjoy the zest, capacity and strength for work. I do all my own housework and carry on a seven or eight hour job, outside my home. I take care of such duties as two growing sons and a husband. In my spare time I try my hand at writing. I am completely without aches or pains of any kind, although I have been going through the difficult period of menopause. However, the generally accepted symptoms that plague the average woman during this period of life, have had very slight effects on me. I have not had ‘shots’, pills or tonics… in fact, I have had no need to even seek the advice of a physician. My medicine cabinet is free of pills, physics or tonics, nor do I use creams and beauty preparations.

Needless to say, I do not wander off the straight and narrow path as laid down by Professor Ehert in his wonderful book which, I am sure, does not need my testimonial for it has stood on its own merits for many years. Over a hundred thousand persons have already read the book and many must believe its teachings just as I do. But, may I emphasise just one point, and it is this: Whoever desires to become a disciple of Ehret’s teachings should himself attain a complete healing. Then, and then only, is he competent to teach the principles of ‘How to Control One’s Health’ through Fasting and Diet, without fear of unknown disease that might be lurking in the tissues and blood-stream of the body. Only this can give man’s soul & mind the freedom Nature intended us to possess.

Author: Teresa Mitchell