What’s In My Baggie?

Whether you are taking legal or illegal drugs, the use is prolific within society whether you’d like to acknowledge that or not… clearly the war on drugs has not and is not working, making life more dangerous for all parties involved with impostor drugs flooding the market, possibly causing more harm than good when it comes to altering states of consciousness.

Popular and well known recreational drugs include LSD and MDMA… but when you take a hit, are you actually getting what you paid for? The Bunk Police asked this exact question in their stellar documentary titled ‘What’s In My Baggie?’… so please take a look at this must watch documentary and find out just how brazen drug sellers are getting when it comes to supplying their product:

As you can see by the video presented above, drug policy simply does not work as supply and demand is sky high… although people aren’t getting what they paid for. If we take a closer look at MDMA, the most commonly tested drug in the video… we should take note that it is one of the most researched drugs in the world as it has been legally used for almost a decade by therapists around the world… it was initially a medicine before it was banned in 1985.

The problem arises when an effectively medicinal drug that is being used to treat (treatment resistant) PTSD and depression in war veterans and rape victims… is falsely being sold on the streets with dangerous substitutes such as research chemicals and bath salts which have had no studies to prove their efficacy and potential neurotoxicity… causing many people to experience adverse side effects which include death at the worst.

Pure MDMA has been proven by rigorous testing to be on the safe side when used in the right set and setting… clearly there is a need for practical alternatives to the failed efforts at prohibition, such as proper education on these drugs and a good dose of harm reduction to allow people the right to alter their states of consciousness safely!