Dreamspell Calendar

Have you ever wondered why there are 13 new moons in a solar year, yet the majority of people around the globe operate on a 12 month (and month being a derivative word of moon) gregorian calendar? Is it it just me or does that simply not make sense!

According to the Law of Time, modern humanity is in crisis because it is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time, causing civilization to deviate at an accelerated rate from the natural order of the universe.

To remedy this self-destructive situation, a collective unification into galactic consciousness is required. For this reason, José Argüelles promoted the return to a natural timing cycle through the regular measure of the 13-Moon 28-day calendar.

In other words, the message is that humans are the only species that is out of phase with the harmony of the biosphere, and the root cause of this is our disconnection from Nature, which stems directly from our disconnection with natural time cycles… therefore we need to follow a nature-based calendar to shift back into alignment.

The essence of José Argüelles’ vision was for humanity to cooperate together in honoring and restoring Planet Earth as a Living Work of Art… because as opposed to what we’ve been led to regurgitate over and over that time is money, we propose that time is art! So I guess the only thing worth asking is: How may we make the world a more beautiful place for all of humanity to thrive in? How may we cultivate heaven on earth?