Time Is Art

The idea that ‘Time Is Art’ as opposed to the age old pre-conceived idea that ‘Time Is Money’ was popularised by Jose Arguelles and the team at ‘Law Of Time’, where much of the focus is on exploring our multi-dimensional nature through a more accurately proposed 13 moon/month calendar.

The thought is that by re-adjusting our measurement of time to be in-synch with the natural rhythm of life, we may re-align our individual and collective selves to a more harmonious state of being… one where decisions are made for the greatest good of all… whether it be human, plant, or animal life.

The ‘Time Is Art’ documentary as presented by Jennifer Palmer reconciles the filmmakers journey of self re-discovery through the witnessing and acknowledgement of a phenomenon coined by Carl Jung as synchronicity, and relating it the collective dream that we are forever co-creating.

Through the awareness and questioning of synchronistic and serendipitous events, after a personal (what is referred to by many) spiritual awakening, the filmmaker explores the role of synchronicity as a tool for self-healing and conscious evolution… with many guests such as Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock sharing their two cents.

There are many thoughts on what synchronicity may be and why it exists presented throughout the film, and although there are some extremely articulate explanations… everyone seems to be happy enough sharing their views, and allowing the mystery to unfold naturally for all to personally experience, and explore the meaning of.

It may be said that the spiritual path is an interesting one, where there is no road and there is no path… and as the Celestine Prophecy states: We are discovering again that we live in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seem destined.

As more of us awaken to this mystery of synchronicity, we will create a completely new worldview… re-defining the universe as energetic and sacred… where quantum stories become entangled dreams, and everything is always not as it seems:

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