Seeds Of Permaculture

Permaculture is a style of gardening and farming that incorporates the whole natural environment to build sustainable food forests and the like for an integrated approach to food security. Permaculture was initially developed in Australia as far as I know and has spread to all parts of the globe in all types of climates.

A great example of how permaculture may be used was in Cuba when they were essentially cut of from the world and thanks to many permaculture experts lending a hand managed to incorporate urban food gardens throughout the country to provide the people with locally grown food. For more information on that you may read how Cuba Survived Peak Oil… it really makes for an interesting story I highly recommend learning about, after all it could be a direction humanity in whole is heading towards.

I’m a huge fan of warm weather climates and as such am drawn to tropical countries for I personally believe they provide ideal places where people may naturally thrive. The ‘Seeds of Permaculture’ documentary drew me in even more with their excellent feature on tropical permaculture, giving us an insight of what it would be like to volunteer and learn on one of the many permaculture farms such as Rak Tamachat.

If you’ve enjoyed the above documentary and are interested in permaculture as a form of sustainability then by all means find a local or international school of permaculture and learn more. There are many permaculture farms located worldwide that are always keen to accept new students and volunteers… as they say: there’s only one way to find out if it’s right for you! Have yourself a lovely day and give thanks to Mother Earth 🙂