Audrey Marcus is founder and CEO of the wildly successful and popular health and wellness company: ONNIT. Among being a business man and entrepreneur, he has also been privy enough to explore the more grandiose meaning of life through sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

Huachuma is a documentary outlining his (and friends) journey within the Amazon Rainforest using a traditional San Pedro medicinal brew as prepared and facilitated by master shaman Don Howard from the Spirit Quest sanctuary. A shared adventure merging the material and etheric realms for personal growth.

Teacher plants such as San Pedro offer humanity a profound and important message of unity, helping and allowing us to discover a new way of being: by seeing things through a more expanded state of awareness… and this is accomplished through ancient shamanic ceremony deep within the jungles of Peru, unlocking and transcending the doors to higher planes of existence.

It is believed that there is one master source of consciousness that permeates everyone and everything throughout the universe (and possibly beyond)… some people refer to this (the Earth’s) collective consciousness as the noosphere where humanity’s collective mind resides. Whether or not you believe this to be true, is totally up to you!

Through the use of various techniques, such as the Huachuma sacrament, it is believed that we may look behind the veil and witness life’s mystery through direct experience… and by doing so, possibly gain a better understanding of ourselves, the world, and how we relate to all that is, and is not… a real mind expanding, heart opening, and paradigm shifting experience that will change your view and perception of everyone and everything.

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May you discover dimensions where the music is forever as time still stands…