All The Gold You Can Eat

When you think of the word ‘Gold’ you would usually associate it with jewellery or a general affinity with the world of wealth, but now after watching this documentary and doing some research… it turns out that eating natural forms of monotomic gold is where the magic is at!

The term used for such gold that you may eat is commonly referred to as ORMUS or MFKTZ, and as with all things that you consume I would recommend that you would experiment with organic products such as found here from Enzo De Medici Master Manna Craftsman.

If you are interested in such topics that are not only great for the mind but body too, then by all means watch the documentary (I have provided a brief snippet below). The documentary does focus on creating real physical gold from their monotomic counterparts that you may consume, although I feel the health and consciousness raising potential is the most beneficial part of learning about gold that you may actually safely consume.

The alchemy of ORMUS is a mystery at best, although it is widely available in nature: such as sea water and natural sources of spring water. Feeding plants this substance does amazing things and as such the same is said for people consuming this product. If you decide to watch the documentary I would recommend buying the extended version where you get some extras, such as the worthy interview of David Wolfe and the amazing health and horticultural benefits of MFKTZ. Enjoy watching 🙂