Product Spotlight: Vitamineral Earth (HealthForce Nutritionals)

Vitamineral Earth Healthforce Nutritionals

Vitamineral Earth is a deeply grounding, nourishing, and supportive Sacred Healing Food that harnesses the best of the world’s plant wisdom from both indigenous peoples and modern herbalists.

Vitamineral Earth can be taken on its own and it is also the perfect complement to Vitamineral Green (and any green food), providing the essential fatty acids that are not present in significant quantities in greens, as well as thousands of beneficial phytonutrients from the herbs, roots, and barks that synergize with and amplify the effects of the abundant micronutrients in Vitamineral Green.

Vitamineral Earth and Vitamineral Green are so nutritionally complete that, provided you had a good source of calories, you could live and thrive on these two incredible superfood formulas alone.

Contains all herbs in the famous Rene Caisse Remedy; this ‘Essiac’ formula is said to have been first developed by a Canadian Ojibwa Indian medicine man to purify our bodies and balance our spirit. These herbs have potent cleansing properties in liver, spleen, lungs, blood, lymphatic system, kidneys, joints, heart, brain, urinary tract, gallbladder, stomach, GI tract, glandular system, and support optimum cellular metabolism.

Provides shelf-stable essential fatty acids (EFAs), in the form of flax and chia seeds, that serve to increase cell wall permeability so that our cells can both absorb nutrients and release waste/toxins more efficiently. The high omega-3 fatty acid content of these two seeds also helps to balance the prostaglandin pathways that regulate inflamatory processes in our bodies.

Acid-stable probiotics, along with prebiotic factors in yacon root and burdock root, make Vitamineral Earth very supportive for reestablishing healthy intestinal ecology.

Nettle root, slippery elm bark, watercress, burdock root, and the EFAs from flax and chia provide powerful prostate support for men, and help support hormonal balance for all genders and ages.

Cinnamon bark, Actual Food grown chromium and manganese, and soluble fibers in flax and chia all support healthy blood glucose levels. In addition, the high omega-3 fatty acid content in flax and chia help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by supporting proper insulin sensitivity.

Soluble fibers in flax and chia help provide cholesterol support.

Actual Food™ selenium, milk thistle, and many of the other herbs in Vitamineral Earth provide strong antioxidant activity.

Mucilaginous fiber in marshmallow root, kelp, and slippery elm bark, along with abundant minerals in kelp, help to soothe and nourish intestinal walls.

Contains astragalus root, a powerful adaptogenic herb that supports immune function. In addition, Vitamineral Earth contains potent cleansing herbs (e.g., milk thistle and burdock), herbs that are toxic to harmful organisms (e.g., cinnamon, rhubarb root, white oak bark), and probiotics for ultimate immune support.

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Product Spotlight: Vitamineral Green (HealthForce Nutritionals)

Vitamineral Green (HealthForce Nutritionals)

Healthforce Nutritionals touts their Vitamineral Green product to be the ultimate therapeutic green food, and having used it extensively in my green smoothies… I’d have to whole-heartedly agree! Quoting from their freely available white paper, here is some extra information that you may like to divulge before deciding on making a purchase:

Vitamineral Green is nature’s multivitamin, a collection of 30 of the most micronutrient-rich superfoods on the planet, all carefully processed and dried at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrient integrity.

The superfoods in Vitamineral Green contain an abundance of the micronutrients our body requires for health, and are also richly endowed with all the essential amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients which scientists have not even discovered yet.

Vitamineral Green is Actual Food with a number of important benefits:

~ Six different kinds of sea vegetables provide abundant iodine for thyroid health, radiation and heavy metal chelation, important trace minerals from the ocean, and the essential sugars fucose and mannose for immune health.

~ Six separate strains of acid-stable probiotics which support immune function and digestion.

~ Potent levels of many different antioxidants serve to support heart health and normalize inflammation levels.

~ Tens of thousands of phytonutrients increase our body’s ability to resist degenerative health conditions.

~ Rich in bioavailable alkalinizing minerals that support body homeostasis.

~ Loaded with greens that are exceptionally rich in chlorophyll (e.g., chlorella). Chlorophyll serves to oxygenate the blood, thereby increasing energy production and detoxification in all our cells. Oxygenation also supports immune function.

~ Contains significant amounts of fiber that helps to feed friendly bacteria and promote health in the GI tract.

~ Contains amla berry for bioavailable vitamin C. Amla also supports immune function, body detoxification, as well heart, liver, lung and brain function.

~ Contains holy basil, a powerful adaptogen known to help support immune,cardiovascular and brain health.

~ Shilajit, an important Auyervedic herb, added to improve digestability and overall detoxification support of Vitamineral Green.

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Product Spotlight: Blender Bottle

iHerb Blender Bottle

This high quality iHerb Blender Bottle normally retails for $8.95 and features:

– Genuine ‘Blender Bottle’ Brand made by Sundesa
– Blender Ball Mixer Inside
– ‘Easy Grip’ Design
– Ounce and Milliliter Marking
– Easy to Clean
– Secure Screw Lid
– Wide Opening for Ingredients
– BPA Free

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Masa Flour iHerb

Masa Flour iHerb

If you are looking for Masa Flour iHerb, then you have definitely come to the right place! Masa Flour is actually referred to ‘Masa Harina’ and at the time of writing there are two types of Masa Flour available on the iHerb Online Store:

1) Bob’s Red Mill, Masa Harina, Golden Corn Flour
2) Bob’s Red Mill, Masa Harina Golden Corn Flour, Gluten Free

As you can clearly see, one is the traditional Masa Flour, and the other is Gluten free. ‘Masa Harina’ is actually ‘dough flour’ because the flour is made from dried masa, a dough from specially treated corn. Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina (Golden Corn Flour), whether the traditional or gluten free recipe… is used to make authentic Mexican tortillas.

Corn Tortillas Recipe

2 cups Masa Harina Corn Flour
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 1/2 – 2 cups hot water

Mix the salt into the masa harina corn flour. Slowly pour the water into the dough to get a good consistency. The dough should be firm and springy when touched, not dry or sticky.

Let the dough rest for an hour, covered.

Preheat a griddle or flat surface.

Divide the dough into 2 inch balls. Press dough between two pieces of wax paper, or flatten according to a tortilla press directions.

Place flatten dough on a hot griddle or flat surface and cook until the top of the tortilla starts to look cooked, about 1 minute. Flip to the other side and heat for a few seconds.

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Product Spotlight: Madre Magic

Madre Magic

Madre Magic is a nourishing skin moisturizer with New Zealand Manuka Honey.

As an all purpose skin cream it packs quiet a punch and is certified organic for all us health freaks! Madre Magic is suitable for all skin types and is biodegradable, even using eco friendly packaging.

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Product Spotlight: CocoCardio


CocoCardio is a premium dark cocoa beverage.

Standing tall at 225 grams, there are approximately 30 delicious and healthy treats/servings for your heart. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians, CocoCardio is a great way to start the day with your morning ritual.

This beverage premix is free of the 8 common allergens: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat and Soy… making this cocoa (food of the gods) product a perfect addition to an active and healthy lifestyle, especially since it’s certified organic! To purchase, please use the IHERB COUPON.

Essential Oil iHerb

Essential Oil iHerb

Aromatherapy is big business, for our sense of smell as humans is paramount in deciding what kind of moment we are experiencing… using essential oil iHerb, we may find all sorts of aromatherapy oils for many different experiences and moods we are trying to convey.

For example, there are 6 brand new essential oil blends as advertised and sold by the ‘Now Foods’ brand: Uplift, Purify, Focus, Sleep, Calm, and Romance. In this article we will take a look at some of these essentials oils found at the iHerb online store and see what they may offer your senses!

Uplifting Blend: Cheer Up Buttercup! – The aroma for this blend is a bright and fresh Citrus blend with light herbal overtones. The benefits are that you will feel uplifted, refreshed, and energized by smelling this herbal concoction.

Purifying Blend: Clear the Air! – The aroma for this blend is a nice and clean fresh mint. The benefits are that you will feel purified, refreshed, and cleansed by smelling this herbal concoction.

Focusing Blend: Mental Focus! – The aroma for this blend is a powerful minty citrus aroma with wintergreen overtones. The benefits are that you will feel balanced, centered, and focused by smelling this herbal concoction.

Sleep Blend: Peaceful Sleep! – The aroma for this blend is a serene floral citrus. The benefits are that you will feel calm, relaxed, and soothed by smelling this herbal concoction.

Calming Blend: Peace & Harmony! – The aroma for this blend is a loving minty floral herb essence. The benefits are that you will feel calm, centered, and balanced by smelling this herbal concoction.

Romance Blend: Naturally Loveable! – The aroma for this blend is an ever so sweet floral citrus. The benefits are that you will feel calm, comforted, and of-course romantic by smelling this herbal concoction.

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