How a dairy farmer made an unlikely comeback

By DANIEL LEHMANA, Associated PressBRIAN DAVIDSON, FAIRFAX NZThe milk-making industry in New Zealand is a big one.

But for a small dairy farm that’s just starting to get started, it’s a tough one.

It’s also a good one to start with, says farmer Davidson.

“It’s really good for the farmers, for the environment, it does the farmers a lot of good for them.”

The dairy industry in this small part of the country is a key one for New Zealand’s dairy producers, whose products are a big part of NZ’s diet.

But the country’s dairy farmers have been struggling for decades.

For decades, the industry was a cash cow for dairy farmers and the government, and they could sell their milk directly to customers, not through the market.

But now, in New England and elsewhere, there are alternatives.

A dairy farmer in Wellington says dairy farmers across the country are starting to see that there’s an alternative, and he’s already seeing a lot more interest in dairy products from people who aren’t farmers themselves.

The milk produced from milk from cows with a higher percentage of calcium, he says.

A higher percentage means the milk has more nutrients in it, like calcium and vitamin D. The milk also has more protein and fiber, making it easier for the cows to digest.

“You’re getting milk that’s much lower in protein, much lower protein and much lower fiber, much less fat,” says Davidson, the farmer.

“So it’s not as high in fat and cholesterol and saturated fat, which are big problems.”

Davidson says his milk is selling for $40 per kilogram, which he says is a fair price for the milk and the nutrients.

He says the milk is also higher in vitamins A and C, which will make it easier to make vitamin supplements for the people who are going to buy it.

But it’s still a long way from being a real option for New Englanders.

“New Zealand is the only place in the world where milk is the main commodity for our whole economy,” he says, “so there’s a lot to be done in that area.”

So far, dairy farmers in New York, California, Hawaii and Vermont are seeing an increase in interest from customers who aren�t dairy farmers themselves, and who want to try out a dairy product.

The market for dairy products is so big that the average price of a kilogram of milk has jumped about 25% from last year to $70 per kilo, according to a report by the International Dairy Foods Association.

But Davidson says that is the price the farmers have to pay for the quality of their milk.

“If you look at the cost of milk per ounce of milk, it is more than the cost that you pay for a cup of coffee or a pint of beer,” he said.

“It’s a significant price for people to pay.

It’s a huge factor for their health, for their ability to support their family.”

A dairy farm in Wellington, where the milk production is growing.

Davidson is a dairy owner in Wellington.

The price he charges for his milk varies depending on the farmer and the type of milk.

For the most part, he charges around $25 per kilos, which is a very good price for milk.

But there are times when he charges higher prices, like for milk that he sells directly to his customers, like this one at the Wellington Dairy Farm.

“We charge $30 for the first kilo and then go up to $40 for the second kilo,” he explained.

“The third kilo is $40.

So if we sell five kilos of milk we have to charge $70.”

For a farmer like Davidson who has to charge much more than his customers for milk, the cost is a bit of a pain.

“I think it’s probably worth the pain,” he told the AP.

“We’re not a huge dairy farm, we’re not making a lot.

But we can get to that price point with just a little bit of effort.”

The farm has two dairy farms and it’s important to keep them both going.

But it’s difficult to find milk that can keep up with demand for its products.

For Davidson the price point for his product is also very important, and the dairy farmers around him are seeing it too.

“The price point is very important for our farmers, because we can go into the market with our products and the customers are going, ‘Oh, this is good, and I like it, so I’ll buy it,'” he said, laughing.

“But it doesn’t always work out the way that you want.”

Davidsons dairy farmers are also worried about a change in federal regulations that would make it more difficult for them to sell their product.

“What they’re talking about is the dairy product labelling requirements

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