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JERUSALEM — Israel’s health industry is in dire need of a major boost.

Last month, the Israeli Medical Association, a powerful lobby group, released a dire report saying that the country’s health system is in crisis, with chronic diseases and infections dominating the public health scene.

More than half of all deaths in Israel are related to infections, and more than one-third of all illnesses are related, according to a study published by the Israeli Institute for Disease Control and Prevention (IDC).

It said the country had lost almost two million doctors and health care workers in the past 10 years, and it’s now projected that by 2030 the number of doctors and healthcare workers will be less than 2,000.

Israel’s health care system is beset by a host of chronic and preventable conditions that have led to a steady decline in life expectancy, according the IDC study.

The Israeli government, in turn, is trying to combat the rising death toll with a variety of measures, including a slew of health initiatives aimed at reducing the number and severity of the chronic diseases.

But the report also called for a major overhaul of the countrys health care delivery system, which has seen a dramatic increase in the number, severity and frequency of the serious infections and diseases.

In addition, the study also noted that Israel’s aging population is also suffering from rising morbidity and mortality rates.

The IDC report cited three reasons for the drastic decline in the countryís health care, which include a lack of basic health services, poor care coordination, and the lack of incentives to improve quality.

“The health care situation is so dire, the health profession is not receiving the necessary resources and supports to do its job,” the report read.

The study also highlighted the high incidence of infections, with more than 90 percent of infections reported in the last year, which is double the rate from 2009, the year before the report was released.

The Israel Medical Association said in a statement that the report is the first to address the root causes of the crisis, including the high rates of morbidity, mortality and poor care and the fact that the health care systems in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are already much better than Israelís.

“It is a disgrace that the Israeli medical profession has to face this problem,” said Tzvi Rabinowitz, the head of the association.

Rabinowitz said the situation is getting worse and that Israelis need to do more to ensure that the public can get the quality of care they deserve.

The report also highlighted that the government’s response to the problem has been “toxic,” with the lacklustre results of a recent government-led effort to bring down the number.

The government has allocated only about $5 million to address chronic illnesses and diseases, and said it would need an additional $20 million for additional health initiatives to help stem the crisis.

Israel also faces the potential of a third global pandemic, with outbreaks of the coronavirus and other major diseases occurring across the world.

A report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) last month said the virus is threatening more than 1 billion people worldwide, and that the global death toll could exceed one billion by 2030.

The outbreak of the virus in India, where there are about 1.6 million cases, has prompted an unprecedented public mobilization by the people of the region, leading to protests, violent demonstrations and deadly attacks.

The WHO report warned that the disease may spread in other regions of the world, including parts of Africa, Europe and Asia.

“If this pandemic is not stopped, it could have devastating consequences for the future of the planet,” the WHO said.

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