How to use an automated botanical health product to produce a product that will make you feel better

The Botanical Health Products (BHP) market is booming, with over 40 percent of the market expected to be generated by the year 2020.

But how to create a botanical-based product that works?

In a bid to get a handle on the issue, a number of organizations are looking into new approaches to manufacturing and distributing botanical products.

One company, the Botanical Institute of California, or BIC, is exploring how to use automation to produce and sell botanical extracts.

The process is relatively simple: first, the extract is dried, filtered, and analyzed.

Then, a micro-processor converts that data into instructions for the botanical extract, which is then sent to the manufacturer for further processing.

The BIC’s new Botanical Extract Botanical Botanical Bioprocessor will help manufacturers produce botanical and natural botanical supplements for their customers, with the aim of making them more affordable and more effective.

The company plans to roll out its product to more than 50 retailers by the end of the year.

The company has partnered with a botanic company called Bichon Fungi to help manufacture the product.

“The Bichonta Fungis botanical extraction has an important role in our natural health portfolio, providing unique, potent extracts for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of herbal remedies,” said Scott Bixby, a senior vice president of business development for BIC.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our customers to get in touch with their Bichone Fungus, which they can then choose from when they are seeking to get the best botanical treatment available.”

The company also plans to use a new product from the same company as an alternative to traditional herbs, with a specific focus on providing a botanically based herbal extract.

The Botanical Infusion MachineThe company has already built an automated machine for extracting botanical components, including those that can be used to produce botanicals.

For the Botanic Infusion, it has partnered up with a Japanese company called the company, Botanical Innovations, to create the product that it plans to market.

The Infusion machine uses a robot, a processor, and an onboard chemistry analyzer to process the botanics extracted by the machine.

The machine can then be sent to a customer, where the product is delivered to the customer via a vacuum and a delivery truck.

The product has already been tested on a number people and has shown results that range from reducing the risk of infection and skin irritation to improving digestion.

The new Botanic Extract Botanic Biopropulant has already received FDA approval, but it is still in the process of gaining FDA approval.

In the meantime, BIC has been testing the product on people with digestive issues and is working to get it on the market as soon as possible.

The product’s packaging will also have a Botanical Bio Bio-Protein, which can be found on most consumer products, including in the BIC Botanical extracts, as well as in a range of products like hair care and facial scrubs.BIC will have the product ready for distribution in early 2019.

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