MCT Oil Benefits

MCT’s are essential fatty acids and the other name for them is ‘Medium Chain Triglycerides’. The best MCT’s are extracted from coconuts and they play a vital role in proper functioning of the body. Since MCT’s are rapidly used as energy, very little if any actually get converted to fat, this is just one of the many MCT oil benefits.

MCT’s also increase your metabolism which means that your glucose levels are burned at an increased rate. If you play sports, exercise, or have a job that requires lots of energy… then it would be beneficial for you to consume MCT’s

Another MCT oil benefit is that it helps you lose weight even though officially it is a fat. Thermogenesis is the rate at which your body burns fat and this is increased if you consume Medium Chain Triglycerides. There are two main ways to consume MCT’s and that is either in liquid form or as a capsule, most people prefer the liquid form on an empty stomach.

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If you take the above product then let it be known that you will also reduce your appetite and thus calorie intake, which is great if you are trying to lose or manage weight. It would be wise to incorporate MCT oil into a ketogenic diet if you would like to amplify your fat loss.

By combining other supplements such as magnesium, amino acids, and calcium… you will find that they are better absorbed if combined with MCT oil, and this is one of the many often unknown MCT oil benefits. Therefore if you have an infant with absorption problems, it could be wise to incorporate MCT oil into their diet… always be sure to check with your physician first before adding supplements to anyone’s diet.

There are many other documented benefits of MCT oil, although I won’t mention them in this article as there isn’t enough evidence to make those things conclusive. The main benefits are that MCT will increase your metabolism, give you more energy, and help you manage your weight through thermogenesis. It is really easy to consume MCT oil by either having a teaspoon upon waking or adding it to your morning coffee or smoothie.

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