Food Choices

When we consume something we are essentially making a food choice that may either be of benefit or detriment to our health, environment, and world at large. Science is discovering more and more that the ideal lifestyle for humans is that which is plant based, chock full of fresh fruit and vegetables and minus all that other stuff we have been calling food (such as all types of meat, dairy, processed junk, and… etc… etc).

The following documentary asks many confronting questions about what is and isn’t food… where do our nutrients come from and which ones do we actually need… why are there so many mixed messages about this topic and who can we trust to be telling us the truth… and so much more! The questions are answered by experts in the field and the answers are actually quiet surprising, not your typical run of the mill question and answer session, that’s for sure. So…

Please watch the trailer below to learn a little more before your go ahead and click here to watch the full movie… having watched many food documentaries this by far is one of the best and unbiased views of the food industry without trying to sell you anything. If you decide to watch one documentary this year then this is definitely one to watch if the your and your family’s health is of any importance to you ๐Ÿ™‚