Float Pod Review – Infinite Floatation Center in Deer Park, NY

I visited Infinite Floatation Center (now called Float Place) in Deer Park, NY last year in July. The experience was awesome! I wish there was a float tank center closer to my home.

The facilities were clean and the staff were extremely friendly. I enjoyed the over 800 lbs of Epsom salt I laid in. Float therapy has many therapeutic benefits including mental, physical and spiritual relaxation. Some proponents like Joe Rogan, use the pod for other benefits, namely sensory deprivation. It allows you to tap into a deeper subconscious and avail the full benefits of accessing all parts of your brain that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Your muscles absorb the magnesium in the Epsom salt leaving you feeling refreshed and anew!

3 thoughts on “Float Pod Review – Infinite Floatation Center in Deer Park, NY”

  1. Go elsewhere. Customer service leaves much to be desired… We will not be back.

  2. Seems like a great idea, however the “lounge” that they advertised really is the 4 chairs at the front desk by the door. Myself and my 2 friends each had an appointment booked. When we arrived only 2 rooms were ready. My 2 friends went in, while I waited in the lounge. It wasn’t relaxing as people were in and out, the phone was ringing and I sat there listening to the receptionist booking appointments.

    The receptionist quickly cleaned the tub and had me enter the room 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment. I could smell a funky odour in the room and the entire time in the tub. Not sure if it wasn’t properly cleaned or if thats the usual smell. I had the calming music on which wasn’t calming at all – it was a loud whistling sound that was ringing your ears. Just an FYI – an hour is a long time to stay floating. After about 10 minutes I had enough. The head rest they give you isn’t comfortable, and the temperature of the water was cool. I ended up not even floating for half of my session and exited the tub before my time was up. If you are claustophobic too, you also might want to consider that prior ot going. I wasn’t relaxed whatsoever and would not recommend this facility. The set up on the facility wasn’t though out as well (e.g., hair dryers at the back of the unit). Just beware…

  3. Discovered hair right before I got into the pod, would’ve got in if it was a small strand but there was enough for me to see it right away. When questioned I found out the water wasn’t drained after the last persons session, and that they just filter it by hand with this little filtering tool. My girlfriend found hair in her pod too, not as much but still not acceptable. We did get our refunds and the person at front desk apologized and mentioned a worker broke the filtering tool they use to filter the water but I still believe that it’s unacceptable and unsanitary to float in the same water as the person before. Very disappointed.

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