Top 5 Fast And Effective Ways To Beat Belly Fat


Visceral fat, another a little more technical term for belly fat, is a potential source of many health hurdles. Besides making one look ugly, this unhealthy cholesterol build-up triggers a number of pretty serious medical dangers. Nevertheless, individuals with accumulated fat around the stomach shouldn’t resign themselves to an unknown fate as there are a few techniques that will easily eliminate all this unwanted fatness. As such, this article briefly explores a list of reliable tricks and tips for tackling visceral fat. Continue reading to discover some top 5 ways to beat belly fat fast and effectively.

1. Reduce Alcohol Intake


According to several crystal-clear medical observations, excess alcohol intake interferes with the stomach’s natural ability to fully burn fat. After all, haven’t asked yourself why the resultant cholesterol deposit is widely referred to as a “beer belly”? The main reason why too many brown drink adds to belly mass is that surplus calories from beer are likely to be stored as fat above the waist.

However, this doesn’t mean one can’t have one or two recreational bottles – it’s merely a worthy precautionary tip against too much bingeing. Although moderate alcohol quantities are going to get normally burned off without triggering any unhealthy gathering of unwholesome cholesterol, extra gulps are bound to lead to excessive belly fatness.

2. Lower Consumption of Trans Fats


There’s no denying the fact that eating a lot of manmade fats leads to not only increased body weight but also contributes toward added visceral fat. Thousands of renowned health journals and seasoned nutritionists widely attribute extra belly mass to continual consumption of trans fats. This is the fundamental explanation why lovers of roasted meat almost always have abnormally huge potbellies.

In fact, a team of US researchers from Wake Forest University established that monkeys fed with foods contain a lot of manmade fats grew about three times bigger stomach mass than other primates that ate meals without trans fats. These interestingly revealing surveys resoundingly endorsed the conventional argument that taking diets full of synthetic fats indeed led to more accumulation of stomach and abdominal cholesterol. Therefore, people who happen to have noticeably larger-than-natural bellies ought to steer clear of foods containing trans fats.

3. Proper Fat-Burning Workouts


Moreover, people who have excess cholesterol around the belly are advised to undertake routine workouts that burn off fats accumulated above the waist. Nevertheless, exercisers fighting belly fat ought to specifically engage in meticulously well-chosen exercises that precisely target stomach cholesterol deposits. Although it isn’t bad to go for holistic regimens that also strengthen the entire body, the said physical workouts should primarily address the main purpose – reducing visceral fat.

4. Less Smoking


While there’s a groundless claim that smoking reduces weight, actual scientific evidence shows that frequent tobacco users tend to have excess cholesterol around the abdomen and the stomach. Even if you’re not evidently overweight, the truth is that smoking increases fat gathering above the belt. This is simply why male chain smokers are likely to have a rather protruding stomach that doesn’t match the rest of the body.

5. Adequate Sleep


This one might sound quite misplaced too many uninformed individuals out there. Nonetheless, this statement is irrefutably accurate – erratic sleeping patterns can trigger unnatural cholesterol in the belly area, as well as cause unusual weight gain within the abdominal region.

For example, lack of sleep increases the production of cortisol – the stress hormone, which normally makes you crave more food. By the same token, sound sleep makes one feel fuller. – Thus eating less food. Without any iota of reasonable doubt, getting at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep helps reduce visceral fat.

And if you struggle with other health issues and don’t understand much of the medical jargon, we are here to help. Check out our simple guides for some of the common illnesses.


The top 5 tips listed above aren’t the only insights to help you eliminate visceral fat. There are obviously many other ideas to achieve a fat-free stomach. All the same, they’re a good start-point for people fighting excess belly mass. Do you have extra belly fat? If YES, what are you currently doing to get rid of this dangerous cholesterol buildup?

Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

A ketogenic diet is great for weight loss as it is a very low-carb diet. Ketosis is something that occurs in your body in times of starvation, or alternatively when you live on a low carb diet. It is a natural phenomenon that has some great health benefits, is not dangerous, and will definitely help you lose those unwanted kilos/pounds!

A ketogenic diet has many positive effects, one of them is that it has an appetite suppressant effect, thus you eat less and therefore consume less calories and this is just one of the ways it may help you lose weight. A ketogenic diet is not at all restrictive, allowing you to eat some amazing foods so it doesn’t even feel like you’re on a diet.

Ketosis is a metabolic process and there are ways you may naturally induce this. The trick with ketosis is that instead of burning glucose for energy, the body burns stored fat for energy… and if you want to lose fat then that is a good thing, isn’t it?!

There are many complicated articles on the internet that explain what ketosis is, but the main point is that you are burning stored fat and thus losing weight. Without getting into the complicated processes and scientific language, I have found the best way to see how a diet works is to participate and find out for yourself… so…